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Which is the most effective tool ​that all successful network and internet marketers use?


Automated Webinars Are Powerful, Effective, and Profitable!

Create Webinars and seminars that play on autopilot. You just set the days of the week and what time or multiple times of the day it should play. Using Automated Webinars can automate your sales, income and even training's. Set it up and watch your sales begin.

My Automated Webinar is now the leading
automated webinar software solution on the internet!

Automated Webinars Puts You Online 24/7

Automated Webinars helps leverage your time, giving you back freedom. If you are giving the same web meetings, in home or office training's & presentations over and over. You may have thought how nice it would be to make a clone of yourself, to either do the presenting or training for you. Allowing you to engage more people more often. Automated Webinars can do just that! You can deploy Automated Webinars to do the work for you. Simply upload your recorded training or presentation, set the days & times you want to allow people to attend your Automated Webinar and let them attend on their schedule. You can even set the Automated Webinar to simulate attendees, giving your Automated Webinar a very live feel.

Automated Webinars Are Income Generating Machines



Automated webinars allow you to more effectively generate income 24/7 than any other sales tool. It is a know fact that webinars generate more sales than sales pages. Unlike sales pages, Automated Webinars capture the contact information of the attendee. Giving you the ability to track each contact with critical data like, who registered, who registered but did not attend, who attended but did not stay long enough to see your offer, who saw your offer but did not take a buy action, and who took a buy action. Even shows you exactly how much time each attendee spent watching your Automated Webinar, giving you the ability to know exactly where you need to improve your presentation. This critical data allows you to setup and send automated, highly targeted email communication, driving contacts back to your webinar or up selling them to your next offer. Combined with our state of the art Marketing System, email marketing, autoresponders, my online coach, My Automated webinar can turn your sales into an "Income Generating Machine".